Sunday, November 18, 2012

Canadians Offended by Colbert


The fact that politicians would seriously find Stephen Colbert's innocent jab at Windsor, Ontario something worth responding to is ironic. Two members of parliament, quoted in the article above, paint Colbert as a mere comedian trying to get cheap laughs and book sales. These politicians, of course, are using a lighthearted joke as a cheap means of getting public attention and selling themselves. They seem to be dismissive of comedy in general. The characterization of someone as hugely popular as Colbert as "cheap" only serves to reveal their ignorance of their own continental culture. It is not merely because Colbert is popular that these politicians look so stupid in their feigned dismay, but why he is so popular. He is no hack.

But perhaps Colbert fans, their numbers strong and their online presence vocal, are still a minority. Perhaps people with a genuine appreciation of properly executed absurdist humor are vastly outnumbered. As one commentator to the article above put it, "If you can't laugh at a random absurdist and light hearted jab like this, you really have no sense of humour." 

If you are only capable of viewing it as an insult or a cheap ploy, you're simply revealing your own overly-simplistic machinations.

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