Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CHEAP booze and food, any takers?

I'm thinking of starting a blog.

Oh wait, I already did that. Shit. Well, now what do I do?

I KNOW. I'll start another blog!

I'm considering taking on the endeavor of blogging about cheap booze and cheap food. Think "Guy Fieri," only, unlike Emiril Lagasse, I intend on kicking it down a notch.

I'm told the economy has been better, and so has food. People will always love booze, food, and feeling superior to others, so why not combine all of that into a weekly platter of smarm, suds, and gastronomical blogoliciousness? Whether it be macro, micro, mutton, or McDonald's, I hope to give you, the PEOPLE, a guide to getting drunk enough to enjoy your budget entree.

Which malt liquor pairs best with KFC? Do Taco Bell and Tecate taste as good together as they feel to say out loud? How many Foster's oil cans does it take to enjoy Outback's cheapest offerings? I'll be dishing the details for each question and more, with my signature sarcasm and wit included, free of charge!

Stay tuned!

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