Thursday, November 15, 2012

Comedy Observations (Not to be confused with any 'Comedic Observations')

Fact: Either something is funny, or it is not.

Fact: People have a right to their feelings and opinions.

Fact: People have a right to be wrong.

That last one felt weird to type. It also probably sounds awkward out loud, and in the reader's head.

In fact, anything that "sounds" in the reader's head is probably beyond awkward, and bordering on alarming.
You, dear reader, ought to get that checked out in due haste. I won't be offended if you stop reading this post to go look something up in the DSM-IV (as you surely have a copy sitting somewhere within reach, just beyond the mountain of Stephen King novels and the empty Doritos bag). However, if you do not have such a book handy, consider Google.

Anyway, what I was trying to get at before, is a growing frustration of mine that I've touched on in previous posts.

People seem to judge comedy more harshly than any other form of art or entertainment, and their underlying excuse probably has something to do with the simplicity of fact #1. However, fact #2 somehow gets conflated with the first, and its importance often heralded above ALL OTHER FACTS (including ones not mentioned in this entry).

Most people probably don't even view comedy as an art at all, because most people probably don't even view much of anything as art. Either something stimulates them or it does not. "How much does it cost? Are other people doing it? When does it go on sale? Are there coupons? You've got to be kidding me."

The biggest joke of all is that my sales pitch for me night job is that it is an evening of fun and laughter. I cannot sell them on this. Is this not the essence of entertainment and amusement? Could they actually be looking for something deeper?

Based off of my experiences, up until this very evening, I sincerely doubt it.

So, until I figure these tourists out, I am going to continue trying to hone my quickness, my timing, and my overall delivery. I'm going to continue to try to strike the elusive balance between baseness and wit.

Eventually, I hope to make more than just a handful of people, on any given Thursday thru Saturday, happy.

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