Monday, November 26, 2012


Every now and again I like to indulge in a mini-nostalgia trip. My current "retro" fascination is with my Sega Dreamcast console.

Much to my dismay, I cannot seem to find the damn thing. When I returned to my Pennsylvania residence for turkey and family, I hoped to see everyone's-favorite-underrated-gem sitting somewhere in my room (a museum, of sorts, of my childhood). What I found was every Dreamcast game I own, and a lonely controller. I have a sneaking suspicion the console is hiding in a box somewhere in the basement, but now that I've returned to the state of sunshine, I have a few boxes here I'd like to search as well. I'm being told that sounds a lot like a sophomoric euphemism. I'm also being told that emulating Jon Stewart's gags does not translate well when done in the blog format. Oh, hey, speaking of emulation...

I have attempted to run a Dreamcast emulator, compatible with my Mac, but to no avail. If anyone has any clue how to properly boot BIOS files in lxdream, do drop me a line. I suppose I'm just a fucking n00b. It took me long enough to understand what BIOS files are, and it's taking even longer for me to properly set my emulator's pathways and blah blah *yawn**stomach grumble**yawn** blah.


Once upon a time, I managed to successfully operate an N64 emulator on my previous Mac, but the Dreamcast seems to be an entirely different animal. 

A few of the games I'd like to play are available on Xbox Live Arcade for $10 with updated visuals and extra features, but of course I'm being A.) cheap and B.) difficult and would really like to play the games I never owned/only ever rented and loved (Armada, you old chestnut, come here and let's have it out like old times). I'm being told that, just because it is in parentheses, does not make it not sound like a bad euphemism.

Dreamcast, I miss you, but not enough to have to rifle through that much more of my shit. Hell, I'm willing to do something of questionable legality to get you back.

But I'm not willing to lock someone in a windowless room for three weeks, while having my way with them, and afterwards setting the corpse on fire. No, that is unquestionably illegal. So I won't do that. And I've never done that. You know what? I have had it with your judgment.

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