Saturday, November 17, 2012

McDonald's losses + Hostess Shutting Down

Aren't we always told that fast food and packaged death are a hot commodity in a low economy?

What's that drivel they keep telling us about consumer confidence, again?

But what will the fat fucks do now?

How can you simultaneously trumpet the beauty and glory of the "free market" while lamenting the loss of a company WHILST SIMULTANEOUSLY telling us consumer confidence is important while telling us that the current president is an economic pariah?

If you think that last sentence was a grammatical tragedy, you should see the comment section for *any* Fox News article.

But back to that last point...every time Fox News tells us that consumer confidence is low (and that this is bad), and then proceeds to blame the reelection of Obama for a drooping stock market, God rips an angel's testicles off and stashes the unholy mess in the sacred confines of Jesus' rectum.

And by "Fox News" I mean the network, Fox News, as well as every dimwitted dweeb that parrots such an exhausted talking point.

Seriously, fuck you intellectually stunted, vacuous, indignant wastes of existence.

Jobs are important. Lives are important. If jobs and lives are the SAME thing, our economy is a failure no matter how well it's currently performing.

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