Thursday, November 29, 2012

Woah, Doc. This is heavy...

As much as it generally pains me that society at-large seems to have very little appreciation for art, I find it more specifically frustrating that people do not typically appreciate heavy metal.

It is simply considered uncouth to perform, or even merely listen to heavy music whilst amidst the public masses. There are a myriad of reasons why the lowest common denominator will protest against being briefly forced to step outside of its comfortable, quiet, and padded box...

...but they all boil down to one simple, easy complaint: it's too darn loud.

But it's not even the decibel level of the music that is being scapegoated. Rather, it is the cavalcade of distortion, screaming, angst, and complex rhythms that drive the soccer moms out of their skulls. "God FORBID we be forced to encounter something COMPLEX in our daily lives! We worked hard to AVOID these kinds of pressures!"

No one seems to complain about the soul crushing boredom of the muzak encountered in elevators and shopping malls. Everyone just generally accepts that they're going to hear monotonous, mainstream, top 40 bullshit on their televisions, radios, and in all the advertisements that bombard them there and everywhere else.

But the second you drive by with the windows down, and the volume exceeding that of the vehicle's motor, you shouldn't be surprised by the amount of eye rolls and dirty looks that Lamb of God seems to garner from passersby. You must just be one of those weirdos. "You're nothing special. I bet you're just trying to tell me you're special by playing your music so loud. You can't possibly simply enjoy the nuances of this music. You must only be craving my attention. Me me me me me. It's all about me. Don't you GET that, you selfish punk?"

And of course these same people LOVE blood and guts in their dramatic television and their evening news. That $10 movie ticket better come accompanied by nothing less, because this is America. But, of course, God bless, and again, God forbid they be forced to contend with chugging guitar riffs, pulsating blast beats, and a man screaming at them with the sheer force of their hypocrisy.

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