Friday, December 7, 2012


I'm pretty sure anti-abortion advocates have misplaced all of their empathy and passion for humankind.

They want you to know how loving they are, but they're afraid to show it to anyone who might not be perfect. A fetus is, in their eyes, pure and perfect. I think these people, the anti-abortion activists, are cowards.

Rather than grapple with the complexity offered by existence, they've got everything boiled down to a simple (minded) formula: life = absolutely good, death = absolutely bad (unless it's an accident, in which case, God must have a better plan for you...because he keeps changing his fucking mind like that.).

And why do they want you to know how loving they are? Because they're not. In all likelihood, they're pretty hateful. It's a generalization, I know. But that's all they seem to understand.

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