Sunday, February 3, 2013

NRA-Fucked Skull

I know I've said that the gun control debate is less relevant to me than most any other issue, but there is one recurring argument that I've been seeing for years. It gets stuck in my head, like a Rihanna song, and it actually makes me want to buy a gun.

If you seriously think that "cars kill more people than guns, so why don't we just ban cars?" is a good argument against any kind of gun regulation, you've probably had your frontal lobe (among other previously functioning parts of your brain) dislodged by Wayne LaPierre's calloused and chaffed cock. He's fucked you; through your nose, and into your cranial contents, you've become the NRA's little bitch pussy.

What the flying fucking cunt makes you think a CAR is in anyway comparable to a FIREARM? Aren't you the same people calling a firearm the "great equalizer"? Aren't you the same trembling puddle of LaPierre-puss that wonders how anyone can possibly protect themselves and their family, from CERTAIN and OH-MY-GOD-BLACK-PEOPLE doom, without a gun? Could it be that a gun has no purpose other than killing or seriously injuring human beings? Could it be that cars are far more, however regrettably, valuable to our society than you feeling like you're in control?

And how shallow is your appreciation for detail that you assume "gun regulation" or "gun control" means the absolute outlawing of all guns? It doesn't. It never has. Obama has never once been "coming for your guns," and he never will. Yet it's not surprising that you're so hysterically afraid of something so unlikely.

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