Thursday, April 18, 2013


It's really tempting for me to say something like "the only acceptable use for a gun purchased at a gun show is to shoot a senator," but that's hyperbolic. (I'm not Sarah Palin, so I'm actually held accountable for the stupid shit that I say.) Saying that is also more likely to get me in legal trouble than purchasing a gun at said gun show, because the guaranteed votes of a bunch of insecure twats + SWEET LOBBYING MONEY is way more important than anything that makes any amount of sense whatsoever.

But God Bless America, the land of the free (so long as you are straight, white, and affluent) and home of the brave (so long as you're packing heat and making kids down the street fight your wars for you).  

Even gun owners, exasperated and stereotyped as they are at this point, seem to be mostly in favor of background checks and closing the "gun show loophole." Hell, the majority of the SENATE voted in favor of the Toomey-Manchin bill, just not enough of the Senate, because we live in a Republic or something like it.

I should probably reiterate that violence is not the answer, but it's really hard to maintain that belief when your  social/political opposition is essentially saying "Yes, violence is the answer, AND it's what the founding fathers wanted." I'm also a slave to irony. I don't believe in God, but I'm not opposed to calling irony a deity. So, of COURSE I'm tickled by the thought of mowing down those Toomey-Manchin "No" voters with an AR-15.

I've become so bitter and desensitized to tragedy, that at this point I think such an awful and ghastly thing would be pretty fucking funny.

I won't do it. I will not buy a gun at a gun show for the express purpose of killing a bunch of senators. I won't even advocate that anyone else does it. Please, don't do it.

But the thought fills me with joy and confusion.

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