Tuesday, May 21, 2013


"I wish I'd never been born."

Well, too late.

A sign on the grounds of a nearby church once stated, along with an approximate amount of abortions per year in the USA, that the fetuses did not choose to die.

Of course, they did not choose to die. At no point were they presented with a choice.

You exist now. You didn't exist, and you'll cease to exist, but that is only according to what we can observe and comprehend through linear thought.

If you had not been born as yourself, you'd have been born as someone else, but you would not have been you. Also, you have been born as someone else. You've been born as everyone else. It's not reincarnation. It could be a miracle, but it's not any more of a miracle than anything else that exists. Miraculous or not, it is truly wondrous.

I think we'd do well to abandon our delusions of specialness. I, for one, am not special.

That doesn't mean I shouldn't try to be special. That doesn't mean I don't have special or unique characteristics.

It doesn't mean I should give up on any of the hopes or dreams that I can still comprehend. I should just know that there is nothing magical about them. The universe owes me nothing. It owes you nothing. According to Carl Sagan, "we are a way for the cosmos to know itself."

Only we possess the capacity to care for one another. It is called empathy. When we act on our empathy, at our most giving, we are considered selfless. But to be selfless is not to merely give "things." To be selfless is to be at peace with insignificance.

To be at peace with insignificance is something you could actually call significant.

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