Sunday, June 30, 2013

On Being Correct (and Angry)

There's a big difference between being "politically correct" and "technically correct." Typically, those who complain (read: bitch, moan, and petulantly groan) the most about how they're "forced" to be "politically correct" oftentimes have the most tenuous grasp on that difference. But who am I to expect them to be technically correct about being technically incorrect?

So that's why I like to complain about how I'm "forced" to live in a society that takes such steadfast pride in its own ignorance. I've said it before, and I'll happily reiterate to you conservatives who, while claiming to love America, actively hate every part of it that doesn't look and sound exactly like you; more than anything else, take comfort in the fact that hippie dippie commie lefties like me love peace so much, and don't own any guns.

Consider my frequent and blatant (over) use of the first amendment. How do you think I'd use the second? 

There's nothing funny about this post, because there's nothing funny about the fact that I could make just a select few wrong decisions and end up hurting a lot of people. I won't. But others like me might not be so careful. And it's all perfectly acceptable, courtesy of the gun lobby. 

Thanks a lot, America. Thanks a lot, fat, stubborn, cowardly assholes who have no concept of empathy or any semblance of foresight. 

Even if you believe in heaven, do you seriously think St. Peter is going to let you through that gate with pockets full of blood money? 

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