Monday, August 12, 2013

I am a Floridian

Today I got my driver's license renewed. I am no longer a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I now belong to the State of Florida.

Everything that is wrong in Florida is wrong somewhere else.

The DMV was beautiful, by my departmental standards. It was highly computerized, it had a cafe. It was easy to find!

There were some snags in the form of me not possessing the proper documents, but it was nothing a few phone calls and faxes with my father could not fix. Yes, in the highly computerized and automated DMV of St. John's County, the clincher in me getting my license was a fax. Ass backwards, it felt.

Tiffany laughed at me for referring to the process as declaring "citizenship" rather than residency or domicile. I guess I gave off the vibe that I was expatriating to a new country.

 Florida is weird, and everyone is from everywhere else. The northern part of the state is mostly "the South." The southern part of the state is, likewise, "the North." Northerners never think of the North as the North, but that is besides the point.

What many like to view as the Confederate States of America, I prefer to think of as the Microcosmic States of America. It seems like everything America is bad at, the South is the worst at. Education, pollution, pregnancy (and associated care), mental health, etc.

Florida has been cast in a negative light recently, and deservedly so.

But it is important to remember that, while the craziness might be cooped up in Florida, it's coming from somewhere else. It's a part of something else.

I still see a lot of beauty and potential in this state. I could have easily renewed my license at the DMV last week while I visited Pennsylvania. I hadn't been back for eight months, which is apparently my longest stretch away from Berks County. I figured, given my current situation, it was most logical and most critical for me to become a Floridian.

As a Pennsylvanian, I can merely bitch about Rick Scott and his fascist cronies. As a Floridian, I can vote against him and them.

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