Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Nasty

So that guy with the beard from that show with the ratings was interviewed by GQ (two articles, here and here), and he said some things about homosexuals that were neither shocking nor unique.

A&E, the network that hired this talking neanderthal, have now suspended him. I don't know what exactly that entails, and I don't really care. Since the news broke (the news that he had been suspended, not the news that he's a simple-minded homophobe), legions of fans of both Duck Dynasty and outspoken bigotry have been rallying around their myopic martyr. This legion apparently includes Louisiana Uncle Tom Governor Bobby Jindal.

I suppose they're angry that he's suspended from the show, perhaps for the sake of some kind of principle of theirs. Or maybe they just don't know what they're going to do with their spare time, considering the fact that lynching is illegal and NASCAR doesn't start up again until February. I know that's a crass and unoriginal comment for me to make, but fuck it, it's not like you fat frying hillbillies give a shit about that, right? Free speech!

And that's the most laughable part of all this backlash. The cries of "free speech!" are superfluous, as A&E (unless I missed some BIG news) are not the government, and the Duck dick has not in any way had his speech suppressed.

Let's pretend this were a matter of free speech, shouldn't Martin Bashir have his job handed back to him? But that's the funny thing about hypocrisy, it's only okay when the hypocrites are doing it.

The moaning and groaning around the suspension has less to do with duck hunting, free speech, or even the Bible than it does with an abject refusal to accept change and diversity. The people defending this man's words (not merely his right to say them) are afraid of the normalcy of homosexuality. They are on the wrong side of history, as they always tend to be. Any highly publicized incidence of this intellectual struggle of theirs will result, on their part, in an abundance of bitching and moaning.

The rest of us get to sit and watch as America's lowest common denominators proudly assert themselves as the voracious consumers of insipid garbage that they are. These people don't need Duck Dynasty, they need stimulation. A&E, and all other peddlers of such piss porridge will be more than happy to provide for their viewership the next big brainless distraction. All of the backlash, of course, will ring rather hollow as soon as these folks have moved on, which they will do with haste.

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