Sunday, July 19, 2015

March for Life...OR ELSE!

A few months ago*, St. Augustine endured its annual anti-abortion parade/rally/protest called “March for Life.” 

Because calling it a "Quantity Over Quality" march would have seemed self-defeating.

And why break with tradition? After all, fallacy for fallacy's sake couldn't be worse than progress for the sake of progress, right? 

Speaking of phalluses and fellatio, I wonder how many people get laid as a direct result of this march. Of those people, I wonder how many feel incredibly guilty and shameful afterward. I'm wondering these things because I possess the capacity for empathy, and I'm using it (lest I wind up losing it). Most of us Planned Parenthood-loving freaks experience guilt and shame. That said, I cannot even begin to imagine how traumatic getting an abortion could potentially be. 

I can, however, imagine feeling so insecure in my own moral compass (and having my guilt and my shame exploited so regularly) that I think drastic oversimplifications and mischaracterizations of an issue are necessary for the sake of proving to myself and others that I am capable of experiencing said shame, guilt, and empathy. I could also imagine myself temporarily forfeiting that empathy for the sake of making strangers feel even half as monstrous and ugly as I do on a regular basis. 

I could see myself nailing Christ to that cross, because how could anyone not? 

Unless that's not really the issue here, is it?

*Over half a year ago now, I suppose. 

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