Sunday, March 13, 2016

Disingenuous J. Trump

Focusing on rhetoric, it's obvious that a lot of large demographics are the enemy to Trump and his supporters. Mexico isn't sending "their best," Muslims might need to be barred from entering to country until we can "figure out what's going on," and now the attention is turning to Bernie supporters (for once, he isn't pretending that Clinton is the only Democratic candidate).

For weeks, we've seen protesters forcibly removed from Trump rallies. According to him there are some "bad people" who attend. He even flippantly offered to pay the legal fees of anyone bold enough to go out of their way to assault those "bad people." Unsurprisingly, protesters have been assaulted. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Protesters are coordinating and being proactive. They know they're gonna get punched and kicked, so they're turning up in larger numbers. Some have even, however irrationally, resorted to preemptive self-defense.

Prior to Chicago, Trump was given ample opportunities to walk back his violent rhetoric. But he doubled down. So who does he blame for the fact that his rallies routinely erupt in chaos? Bernie Sanders, of course.

Nothing could ever be Donald Trump's fault, and he'll sue you if you try to prove otherwise. No, really, he "joked" about changing our libel laws. Our jobs are going to China, and he wants to fix that, never mind the Chinese labor he's outsourced. Mexicans are criminals just for being here, but never mind the migrant labor he utilizes. Personal responsibility is for everyone else.

Have you ever argued with, or been witness to an argument with, a Trump supporter? How quickly does it devolve into them implying that you're jobless, or that you're on welfare, or that you're some kind of irresponsible leech, or a whore? Yeah, you must just want what's best for everyone because you're selfish. That's it.

I think these are pretty obvious examples of projection. The leading candidate for the "party of personal responsibility" displays nothing of the sort, and panders to people who wish to check their responsibility at the door as well, both of the social and personal varieties. It works because so many of them already have so very little of everything else anyway, and Trump has so much. If they abandon any remaining shred of decency and responsibility, like their leader, they too can prosper. America will be great again (for them).

The complaint I also hear a lot is that those of us who criticize Trump don't focus enough on his policies. Okay, I'll focus on the nuance and substance of his policies as soon as he does.

He does have a tax plan, and a healthcare plan. I have some plans. I'm sure you have plans as well. But there are extenuating circumstances disqualifying us from being elected to the highest office in the land. You cannot separate the rhetoric from the supposed substance. It is a package. By asking me to ignore everything else that is wrong with Donald Trump, you're asking me to ignore that he is, in fact, Donald Trump. You're asking me to ignore everything that is wrong with you, as a Trump supporter, and focus on everything that is bad about everyone else. He isn't arguing for his healthcare or tax plans in a vacuum. They're intertwined with the desire to build walls, homogenize, and isolate. These have been the prevailing themes of his current campaign from the very beginning. They have not ceased, and neither has he.