Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Feel an Ever Widening Gulf Between Us

A revolutionary bangin' on my adversaries
And I love Dr. King but violence might be necessary
'Cause when you live on MLK and it gets very scary
You might have to pull your AK, send one to the cemetery. 

I keep imagining a scenario wherein a man goes into a corporate job interview wearing an Eyes Wide Shut t-shirt. When asked by his obviously flustered potential employer, "Why in God's name are you wearing that, boy?" He responds, "I JUST LOVE THE CORPORATE LIFESTYLE!"

We all act like this confused interviewee as we construct our identities, especially on the internet. There exists an entire political identity based around opposing identity politics. Here there is no why.

I do not exclude myself from my own criticism. This is something that self-aware people need to make clear to people who are not so self-aware, lest offense is taken. #NotAllDumbFucks. Politics is mostly a game, nay, a sport for us privileged folk. Corporate news media goes to great lengths to present it as such. If you watched any of the recent presidential debates within the last year, you could not escape the feeling that you were witnessing the pay-per-view mixed martial arts bout of the century.

In my last post, I talked about how sports can be inherently political. We want our sports to remain apolitical, but we can't help viewing our politics as sporting. For the privileged, it really is a game. What do you stand to lose?

This isn't going to be some tripe about how we all need to come together. We don't. Some of us are Nazis. This is not hyperbole.

Nazis did not spontaneously goose step into the streets of Berlin in their sexy Hugo Boss uniforms, convincing millions of Germans simultaneously, "yeah, that's definitely who we are now. I loved Jews before, but look at those shiny skull pendants. How can you not want to gas a few kikes after laying eyes on that?"

Consider this a plea to try to consciously visualize the real world ramifications of your beliefs, or ponder more carefully the consequences of whatever means you seek to realize your ideological ends. This is not a game.

Maybe we all want to curb stomp some fascists, but boots are expensive. Take self-defense classes, read books, and pursue happiness with diligence.

Happy New Year.

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